Reminder Tips for Your Move

moving day boxes


moving day boxes
a few Best Moving Tips

After the Accepted Offer

Be organized with packing
When it comes to packing, it’s best to start as early as possible. For a large house, start about 2 months before the moving date, or 1 month for a smaller property. Consider having a sticker system Red stays, Green goes, Yellow – not sure. Start packing seasonal items that are not in season. It can be a perfect time to de-clutter, holding a garage sale, listing on eBay or giving away to charity. Maybe it’s just time to move out that organ in the basement corner. Finally, have a list for all boxes with labels. It will help movers know which rooms to put which boxes in, and the day easier for all.

Moving with Pets and Kids
Pets feel the stress of a move right along with children. Not having focus and a plan during a move can end up being a more stressful time if not done right. Prioritize which items are MUST haves during a transition and what things can be missed for a few days or while in storage. Make a list: diapers and poo bags, a couple toys, leashes, litter/box/scooper, crate/carrier, blanket/bedding, water/bowl, food.

Clean the old and start in the new home
These are usually last minute items as we tend to take care of everyone else first. Sometimes there can be broom-swept condition clauses in the place you are vacating, so best to leave a good impression. Doing such tends to be all about the bathroom and kitchen. Making sure those are done and the main floor is swept allows you to then turn attention to the new home.  Having essentials such as toilet paper, towels and soap in the new home are little things, but no doubt first needed steps.

Sort out the change of address ASAP
Although most movers will remember to do this for important things like utilities and internet providers, other bits can get overlooked. Online subscriptions such as Amazon prime, PayPal accounts, mail redirects and local utilities will need to be notified.

Don’t forget the fridge, freezer,
A lot of fresh food items get thrown out during the moving process. Avoid wasting by using up all frozen goods in the lead up to the moving date. Once the freezer is empty, make sure to unplug and leave it to defrost overnight. Then there’s time to clean up and wipe away any liquid. Best to prioritize this one early in the calendar.