MLS Fetch helps learn the MLS market for Sellers and Buyers

Learning about Buying or Selling a condo or a home? Maybe you are interested in vacant land or commercial property. Have the data come to you rather than spend time researching. Have us FETCH data for you, with MLS FETCH.

After you send us the reports you want...

We then enter criteria into our statewide reaching MLS you will begin seeing updates. By submitting the form below you consent to email updates from the local Realtor’s Association and servicing agent for all participating properties by all participating brokers. This service is free of charge and can be canceled by either party at any time. Consumers may additionally use the unsubscribe method within any delivered alert.

Note: We do not sell search criteria and/or contact information. If you are a 3rd party re-seller of data the service here is not allowed. Only non commercial use of this service is permissible by the subscriber. We do not sell your submitted data. NEVER.

Per annual studies by NAR (National Association of Realtors) home buyers usually see 10-12 homes prior to making an offer. This is done to 1) learn the market 2) learn one’s own preferences 3) learn value.

Sellers too usually want to ask an educated price before entering the market, learning supply/demand, evaluating competition, choosing an experienced agent.

We can add value to both of these situations with MLS Fetch (TM)! You want to track homes, or learn of sales in the prior 6-9 months, fill out the form below and one of our top Realtors will help you best find the real estate data you are looking for.

Imagine what we do is like keeping a virtual shopping cart of area real estate, whether it be condos, waterfront, or vacant land.

We are direct Realtor members of the local Wisconsin MLS, where the information STARTS.

Because of this, we can get you new condo and home listings, past history, and price change updates FASTER, with greater detail and accuracy! This is our MLS Fetch(TM) ability for Buyers and Sellers!

Don’t wait for partial information to be transferred to 3rd party sites like Realtor.com or Zillow. Have your own record to document. That’s why this is a free 6-month service. No credit card or payment information will be asked for… never.