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  • If you are not retired, and moving into the Appleton area with a local employer, know that our company works with most EVERY national relocation plan. Have confidence that you can ask to interview us to help you with your relocation needs. Don’t just be assigned a Realtor, rather than start with someone you don’t know, interview and be confident in your choice.
  • We are happy to be interviewed by you in a non committal meeting at our office or elsewhere.  Contact us with your goals.  We will listen. (scroll down)
We are trained negotiators

Is it your goal to be BUYING a condo in the Appleton Wisconsin area?

If you are looking to buy an Appleton Wisconsin condo:
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Is it your goal to be SELLING a condo in the Appleton Wisconsin area?

First Weber sells more Wisconsin real estate than any other company. That means more experience behind every transaction – including yours. We cannot have our goals without taking care of you. Click the button for an intro on how we help Appleton condo sellers.

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